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Supertrim has evolved from being a supplier of retail and wholesale trim services, to now being a Tier 1Supplier to all the vehicle manufacturers of Australia.

Supertrim is also a Tier 2 and Tier 3 supplier to the car companies of car interior trim products by providing these products to the likes of Futuris, Venture Industries, Lear APC and other major car company suppliers.

Additional to these activities, Supertrim supplies a wide range of parts and accessories to the car manufacturers of the world, and is currently setting up a facility in Thailand to enhance it's capacity in this area.

Finally, Supertrim maintains it's connection with it's roots in the retail trim field by offering to the public many of the same or similar products to those provided to the car companies. Supertrim provides products direct to customers who come to the factory, but orders can also be placed by e-mail etc..., or via the company's E-Bay Website.

Client Testimonials

I am taking this opportunity in thanking you guys for the prompt delivery of my seat covers. The extra cost in ordering the red stitching on black provided an excellent contrast to the exterior of my 4 x 4. The fitting & quality of sewmanship is very good.

Johnny Brown
20 September 2016

They are fantastic! Have them for a Mazda 3. Spills, wet bathers- fantastic.

Pattie McCusker 
9 September 2016

The custom made seat covers fit perfectly!

Phil Hill
13 September 2016

Loved the seat covers on my Nissan Navara

Jill Trudy
13 September 2016

Love the car seat covers!

Peter Smith
13 September 2016