Supertrim announced today that it had completely revised it’s range of pet seat covers, known as Seat Savers, and is offering them in neoprene (wetsuit material) as well as the more traditional vinyl.

Wetsuit material has the advantage that it is forme fitting, which means that a seat cover not only looks like the original seat trim, but it won’t move and pets won’t move around on it.

Vinyl has been the traditional choice for pet seat covers as not only is it waterproof but it is very easy to clean. Neoprene is not as easy to clean but it is equally tough and waterproof, and far more comfortable for the pet in a hot climate.

With the introduction of neoprene Supertrim now offers pet covers in the full range of materials that are suitable for pets, i.e. canvas, vinyl and now neoprene.

Pet seat covers are a must if the car interior is to be protected, and Supertrim is the expert in this field. Supertrim has been specifically providing pet seat covers for over 10 years and can safely say that you cannot find a better pet seat cover anywhere in the world.

Not only do they fit beautifully, but they are tough, easy to fit and lightweight compared to a lot of other covers.

The use of neoprene as a seat cover is another example of an innovative Australian company adapting existing materials and technology to suit a need. Supertrim expects neoprene pet seat covers to take the majority of the market within 5 years, given their obvious advantages.

It seems that the surf culture of Australia that developed neoprene as a technical product with no peer, has now extended it’s influence into the car and pet markets.

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