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Popular among car owners for many years now, neoprene seat covers are still a top choice for those seeking a durable and versatile seat cover option. If you’re considering neoprene for your vehicle, have a read of some of the many benefits of neoprene seat covers below.

Is neoprene good for seat covers?


Neoprene seat covers can be used on cars, SUVs, trucks, buses and more. Known for its durability and versatility, neoprene is a synthetic rubber fabric that is used to make many products. You may be familiar with it being part of wetsuits because it is great at protecting against water. Neoprene's protective value and reliability makes it a perfect all-round seat cover for comfort and safety. Its durability makes it a perfect choice for everyone from families to tradespeople or professional drivers because of its strength, washability and affordability.

Are neoprene seat covers durable?


One huge benefit of neoprene seat covers is durability. Made from a strong synthetic material, neoprene seat covers look better for longer because they can withstand the heat and light of the sun, they are also easy to wipe clean when dirty. Neoprene seat covers are strong enough to take on the daily wear and tear car seats are faced with. If cleaning of stubborn stains is required, they can also be easily washed with laundry detergent and water.  

How neoprene seat covers keep you cool


Neoprene seat covers deflect heat and help in keeping the internal temperature of your car cool. They don't absorb as much heat as other materials and because of their water resistance, they don't store moisture. Some materials cause your car to heat up substantially in warmer temperatures. This can cause your body to sweat and stick to the chair, resulting in an uncomfortable and sometimes painful ride on a hot summer's day. Neoprene seat covers prevent this. The cooling effect also makes your air conditioning have to work less hard because you don't feel as hot. It has the reverse effect in winter because they can work hand-in-hand with seat warmers if your car has them.

Do heated seats work with neoprene?


If covers can be used on your heated seats, neoprene is a good option to use because it's a heavy-duty fabric resistant to heat damage. It can withstand temperatures associated with seat warmers because they don't get hot enough to cause any issues with the seat covers. Neoprene works well as a neutral fabric that isn't hot to touch when placed over a seat warmer but manages to create a cozy feel once you're settled into the seat. 

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Client Testimonials

Thank you Supertrim for my customised seat covers for my prado grande, black with the tan colour stitching looks and feels great, highly recommended.

John I. (Yeppoon, Qld)
1 May 2019

It's a 2018 lsm dual cab. Thank you very much for this great deal, I love your products and always highly recommend you to everyone.

Shayne (from Launching Place, VIC)
25 January 2019

Much appreciated for the quick and organised service you provided. Will send you some photos and order the back seats soon. Well done.

Mark (from Mill Park, VIC)
24 January 2019

We bought the Renault Trafic seat covers from you and are very happy with them. Could I have a cover for the armrest which matches the seat covers?

Yvonne (from Moorabin, VIC)
22 January 2019

I am taking this opportunity in thanking you guys for the prompt delivery of my seat covers. The extra cost in ordering the red stitching on black provided an excellent contrast to the exterior of my 4 x 4. The fitting & quality of sewmanship is very good.

Johnny Brown
20 September 2016

They are fantastic! Have them for a Mazda 3. Spills, wet bathers- fantastic.

Pattie McCusker 
9 September 2016

The custom made seat covers fit perfectly!

Phil Hill
13 September 2016

Loved the seat covers on my Nissan Navara

Jill Trudy
13 September 2016

Love the car seat covers!

Peter Smith
13 September 2016