Supertrim specialises in custom tailored seat covers using neoprene

Supertrim specialises in custom tailored seat covers using neoprene as it is an ideal material, being highly elastic, having high friction so that it grips the seat and won't move around despite not being tied down to the seat, and it is waterproof so that no ice creams, drinks or dust and dirt are able to get through to the seat underneath.

But there is a price to pay for a custom made car seat cover, and some people either can't afford to pay the price for this extra luxury, or in the case of some vehicles, simply don't need the extra fit of a custom tailored cover.

To answer this need, Supertrim has designed a universal fitting neoprene seat cover for front bucket seats, that is substantially cheaper than our custom tailored product.

And for a lot of smaller vehicles in particular, but also for medium sized vehicles such as the Falcon, Commodore and Camry, our universal seat cover fits exceptionally well. The unique properties of neoprene allow us to achieve a result that is not possible with fabric or other material, universal seat covers.

For many vehicle owners our new universal front seat covers will enable them to achieve all the benefits of neoprene without the extra cost of custom made, and still be more than happy with the fit.

We are expecting a great deal of interest in this product as it is made to the same exacting standards that Supertrim uses in manufacturing it's neoprene car seat covers for the auto manufacturers and importers, and for our retail customers that buy custom made. The material is approx 2.4 - 2.5mm thick, and has a UV stable surface fabric which makes the covers extremely comfortable to sit on. When you combine all of these benefits with the low price, we are firmly of the belief that consumers who want extra value for money will find our neoprene covers to be just what is needed.