Canvas Car Seat Covers

Canvas seat covers offers complete protection for your vehicles’ car seat.

Canvas car seat covers are made with the same highest standard as all Supertrim products. It is made from breathable cotton and polyester blend that brings fresh new aesthetic to your interior.

Canvas is an extremely robust and durable material that provides heavy-duty performance. It is an excellent material that helps protect your seats from dirt, grime and anything that could ruin your upholstery. Since it can withstand pounds of pressure, this is usually used by demanding environments around the country such as including mines and fleet operations.

Why Supertrim Canvas Car Seat Covers

Here are reasons why you should consider Supertrim Canvas Seat Covers:


It can resist the effects of heat, water, dust and dirt. It is made to prolong the life of your original car upholstery, making it a good investment.


Canvas seat covers are soft and fully breathable. It allows trapped moisture to evaporate quickly. This makes it less hot in summer and less cold in winter.

Quality fit

The high-quality and custom-fit design of canvas seat cover ensures protection and long-term life of your seats.

Canvas car seat covers are designed to reflect the shape and stitch pattern of the original car seat. It follows the shape of the seat down to the stitch pattern and replicating the trim underneath. Reinforced stitching also prevents the cover from splitting apart.

Ease of use

Easy fit and removal is also another advantage of canvas seat covers. Generally no ties are required to hold the seat cover to the seat.

Cleaning canvas seat covers is also very easy. When accidents and spills happen, simply wipe it off with a damp rag or throw it into the washing machine on a cold cycle to keep them clean.


Each car seat cover is tailored specifically to fit your vehicle's car seat. It is snugly fitted to remain firmly in place. This makes it free from any unsightly wrinkling, side creeping or bunching of fabric.

Each seat cover includes separate custom-fit headrest covers. It is also made to suit air bag and non-air seats without compromising safety. Allowance for armrests and other special features can also be requested.

Our selections of seat covers are available for most popular vehicles. We provide normal delivery time of 2 to 4 days. In the event we don’t have a particular pattern for your vehicle, we can offer more assistance by making a pattern for your own. It would be easier if you could bring the vehicle with you. This process usually takes an additional 2 to 3 weeks delivery.

Buy Supertrim Canvas Car Seat Covers Today!

We take high regard to quality and safety standards. To make sure that safety is never compromised, we ensure that our materials pass the car company flammability requirements. Our materials are also been rigorously tested to meet the requirements of car manufacturers and importers.

We offer 12 months guarantee on our canvas car seat covers. You can also choose to personalize your seat covers with embroidery of logos or names at an extra cost and lead time.

Experience the high-quality and comfort of Supertrim's Canvas Seat Covers at a competitive price. Check out our finest selections and choose a colour that matches your car's interiors.

Don't hesitate to call us and let us know if you have any questions.