Manual - Installation - Nissan X-Trail T31

Follow the standard fitting instrutions in these Youtube links



Some of the console patterns are quite a tight fit, the best way to make sure the best fitment is achieved is to open the lid and fit the cover from the back seat, try to hook the front (top) on first (making sure only the front corners are attached and there isn’t a bunch of excess materiel around the front), then stretch the material down the console and around the back (bottom). The idea is that the console grabs on so tight to the corners that it holds like a hair net. If the console is correct, all four corners should grab underneath and not move at all.

Please note that the first couple of times, closing the console lid may be difficult but once the console has been left close for a small amount of time, the neoprene will flatten out and the latch will engage much easier in the future. Please see a photo of a 2018 rav-4 we fitted in the factory (the last pic on this link , as you can see the cover fits very tight so the fitting procedure above must be followed the achieve the perfect fit.