Seat covers are made from many different materials

Seat covers are made from many different materials such as sheepskin, canvas, and neoprene. Neoprene seat covers are made of synthetic rubber and have numerous advantages over the other materials. These advantages include durability, comfort, and resistance to heat and moisture. This article will discuss the advantages of neoprene seat covers.



If you've ever left your car in the sun, you know how hot the seats can get. Neoprene seat covers don't heat up so much in direct sunlight. They simply get a little warm, but not hot enough to burn your legs.



From time to time you have probably spilled something on your car seats. These spills can easily stain your seats. Neoprene seat covers are made from the same material that is used to make wet suits. They keep spills and moisture from damaging your seats. Any water that is spilled on them will be captured in the neoprene and will evaporate into the air.



Another advantage of neoprene seat covers is comfort. They are soft and have a lot of cushioning. This extra padding allows you to sit comfortably during long trips. Neoprene seat covers also don't make you sweat unlike other materials.



Neoprene seat covers are also non-flammable. If you routinely smoke in your car, you may have dropped ashes or a lit cigarette onto the seat. They can destroy a seat very quickly. However, since neoprene seat covers are non-flammable, the ashes from a cigarette or even a lit cigarette won't cause the seats to burst into flames.



One of the last advantages of neoprene seat covers is their durability. Supertrim has been producing neoprene seat covers since 2002. During that time we have sold many thousands of covers and the percentage of covers that have worn out or had problems in that time is less than 1%.

They don't only resist heat and water. Neoprene seat covers also provide excellent protection against friction. Your seats will wear down over time due to friction caused by a car seat cover rubbing across a seat as you get in and out of the car. Neoprene seats covers have a textured back that grips the underlying seat like they were glued into position, which prevents rubbing and subsequent damage to your car seats. And of course they will also prevent dirt from accumulating on your seats.