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Australian Made Custom Console Lid Cover

Premium Neoprene (Automotive grade), 100% Waterproof

Fits Toyota Corolla


E210 Series (2018 - Now) Accent /Accent Sport / SX Hatch Models (TOY 159 - CL)

E210 Series (2018 - Now) ZR / ZR Hybrid Hatch Models (TOY 159 - CL)

E210 Series (2019 - Now) Accent /Accent Sport / SX Sedan Models (TOY 159-CL)

E210 Series (2019 - Now) ZR Sedan Models (TOY 159-CL)

E180/70 Series (2013 - 2018) Hatch Models (TOY 103-CL)

E180/70 Series (2013 - 2019) Sedan Models (TOY 103-CL)



This listing is for 1 x Console lid cover


Default colour: charcoal black Neoprene with light grey twin-needle stitch



  • Custom made to fit perfectly on your model
  • Material: 2.5mm automotive grade neoprene with enhanced 4-way stretch & ribbed 'stay put' backing
  • "No strap" design to stay put even when opened
  • Open and close lid without obstruction
  • Water resistant
  • UV-resistant, Colour-fast
  • Tight fit and luxurious design, soft to the touch


More Information


Seat Cover Designs 

Standard design provides full protection on the front (backrest, bolster, cushion part) and partially covers the back and sides of seat to allow access to original prockets behind the seat.

"Full-back" option means behind the backrest is full-length covered.

"Full-back with Map pockets" option adds map pockets behind the seat.


Snug Fit   

Tailor-made cover tightly shapes around the curves of the seat with no ties or straps needed.  It grips to the seat and won't slide around, effectively protecting the original fabric/leather seats.


Easy Installation And Maintenance   

No tool is required to install, simply follow easy steps in the fitting instructions. 

For maintenance, handwashing is recommended. Use cold water with mild detergent and then air dry.


Side-mounted Airbag Compatible   

Safe airbag deployment is achieved with the "split-open" airbag seam sewing technique, which is test certified by APV-T,  an Australian Test Centre that has the most advanced crash and safety test facility in the Southern Hemisphere.


Video: How Safety Airbags Works




How to install

Part 1 - Headrest & Backrest



Part 2 - Dowell



Part 3 - Cushion

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